Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Dessert Recipes

30/07/06: Berries with White Chocolate Sauce.
18/06/06: Mixed Fruits in the Oven.
13/05/06: Japanese Cookies.
25/03/06: Coconut Cookies.
25/12/05: Profiterole with Chocolate Sauce.
25/09/05: Walnut Tart.


Anonymous said...

Merhaba Binnur -

Thank you so much for this wonderful site & for sharing your fantastic recipies!!

I am from Scotland, Uk, and use your recipies whenever im looking for some inspiration for my Turkish cooking.

I was wondering if you had a recepie for Sutlac, Im sure its an easy one, I would love to make it!!

Iyi Gunler,


Binnur said...

Hi Carol,
Thank you for the nice comment:) I have another section called Dairy
Desserts. I posted all desserts made with milk under this section. I already posted the Sutlac recipe, here is the address;



Anonymous said...

I dont know what I was doing that day - I clicked into International recipies and couldnt find Sutlac - no wonder!! :)

Thank you - I now have the recipe - Im sure it will be a treat!

Alan & Pauline said...

Hi! Binnur,
Just wantet to say how we enjoy your Internationl site, Please anymore recipe's to share? We are from the UK but spend April to October in Fethiye so your Turkish site is well used now we can even remember some, and in the winter in UK we have the perfect site to keep our good food memories alive "Thank You"
Alan & Pauline

Anonymous said...

do u have any recpie for buternut pumpkin plz?

Binnur said...

Please check here'